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Chris is the Co-founder & President of
$100MM e-commerce brand, Pink Lily.

He is also an author, investor, real estate enthusiast, husband, and father of 3.


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Chris is the Co-Founder and President of Pink Lily, one of the fastest growing online fashion retailers in the United States. Founded alongside his wife Tori Gerbig in 2014, the business has emerged as a leader in the women’s clothing industry.

Starting from their kitchen table in KY, the couple bootstrapped the company without any outside funding or investments.  In 2022 the company was valued at over $100MM.  Pink Lily currently employs over 300 people and ships out over 10,000 packages per day.

Chris’s effectiveness in finance, business operations, and team building is a key factor in his success. As a council member and writer for Forbes, he’s constantly sharing his thoughts, tips and experiences on everything from entrepreneurship to specific tactical strategies.

Chris is passionate about business, ecommerce, personal finance, and real estate.  Aside from Pink Lily, Chris is involved in the real estate industry, owning and developing  over 100 rental properties and apartment complexes.

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President & Co-Founder

2014 - Present


Council Member & Writer

2017 - Present


Real Estate Investor & Developer

2012 - Present

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Corporate America

Finance & Global Supply Chain for 10 years

I've interviewed over 1,000 people, and hired over 300 employees in 8 years, and what I've learned is that having a degree in that field is rarely a good indicator of future success.

Chris Gerbig

pink lily

Pink Lily

Day to day, Chris’ responsibilities are as the President of Pink Lily. While his wife Tori acts as CEO - handling product, marketing, branding and social media - Chris runs the business side of the store - managing finance, global supply chain, human resources, and operational efficiency.

The leadership of Chris and Tori have grown Pink Lily into a household name. Employing over 300 full time professionals, Pink Lily boasts an inventory of 15,000 products hosted in a 200,000 square foot fulfillment warehouse, generating more than $120 million in annual Sales.

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